Miscellaneous activities

Miscellaneous activities on trains and trams Sovel Rail Traction

Various activities performed for the following customers:


AnsaldoBreda STS
– Design, supply and installation of Aln 668-1919 system SSB ERMTS/RCTS

AnsaldoBreda STS
– Design, supply, and installation of experimental on-board systems equipment LOCOMOTIVE E402B-149 RFI

– Retrofit Implementation of Hvac systems on V3000-Israel

Hitachi Rail S.p.A.
– Supply and implementation of data communication sites OBB Tarvisio-Brenner

– Engineering activities and updating of technical documentation on bimodal trolleybuses in Ancona

Hitachi Rail STS S.p.a.
– Design, provision of prototype components and locomotive Xj40 and Xj 2 service– Sweden
– On-board train equipment

Hitachi Rail STS S.p.a.
– Mechanical and electrical design, supply, and ERTMS-BL3 SAT on-board assembly on the locomotive ALN 668
– Upgrade activities to ertms/etcs BL3 R2 + SAT

Hitachi Rail STS S.p.A
– Mechanical and electrical installation of reset panel for the mobile terminal on Trenitalia vehicle fleet ETR500 – ETR 700 – ETR 1000 – E401 – E402B – E403 – CDPTR