Technical expertise

We offer in depth know-how about maintenance and revamping in the rail and tram sector.

Services and solutions

We operate in the electrical and mechanical maintenance areas in the public rail transport sector, with specific reference to rail and tram vehicles. We manage overseas maintenance sites, also with turn-key solutions.


Electrical and mechanical design for the installation of on-board train subsystems;

Design and construction of test simulators;

Design and supply of testing procedures;

Design of dedicated software;


Vehicle testing

Static and dynamic functional testing of vehicles;

Commissioning of rail and tram vehicles;

Commissioning service of the sub-assemblies of rail and tram vehicles;

Management and acceptance of vehicle testing;


Management of maintenance procedures for vehicles in operation;

Diagnostics and maintenance schedules for vehicles in operation;

Technical service under warranty on vehicles in operation;

Analysis and statistical management of the usage status of the vehicle fleet;

On-site, local or remote technical support for plant engineering;

Analysis of availability and reliability of vehicles providing passenger service;

Failure analysis of vehicles providing passenger service;

Define and recommend corrective actions or design changes;

Relationship management of end-customer and operator;


On-the-job training and education of personnel that is dedicated to preventive maintenance of vehicles;


Setting up and managing vehicle maintenance sites at customers’ premises;

On-site inventory management of spare parts;

Spare parts flow management;


Structural upgrading of rail and tram vehicles (frames and bodies);

Upgrading of vehicle electrical systems;

Upgrading of vehicle electrical systems;